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Adjustable on a Standard Motorcycle Provides Comfort and Enjoyment Factor

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Part of riding a motorcycle is the freedom to ride on the open road and break away from the constraints of life. So why would a motorcyclist want to constrain him or herself by purchasing a cruiser as the manufacturer sees it and not making the bike completely their own?

This thinking focuses on customizing a motorcycle for “fit” so a rider can get the greatest amount of comfort and enjoyment out of their cycling experience. Listed below are three areas that can be adjusted for fit: handlebars, seat, and foot control.

Handlebars – Think comfort first, then style. To find the best position, riders should close their eyes and reach their hands out and see what length the handlebar grips would be most comfortable and that is where the handlebar should be. It should be adjusted so the angle is correct and it is comfortable for the span of the foot and access to hand control levels.

Some riders replace the handlebars with wider ones but it’s important to note that unless there is a windshield, a higher and wider bar will increase the surface for more wind and that will result in more pressure. Best to start out with a bar that is slightly wide but the straight area is extended at the end so it will be possible to cut it down to fit if necessary.

Seat- adjusting or replacing the saddle on a cycle is similar in some ways to finding the right office chair to sit in while working. It is about comfort and ergonomics. When the seat is right, it will anchor the rider’s position.

A good fit doesn’t have to compromise the style factor and can be updated to be a better reflection of the rider’s personality. Because people come in all shapes and sizes, it is no wonder a seat that comes stock with the bike would not always fit the rider perfectly.

For example, adding a Corbin saddle helps the cyclist sit further back on the bike and allows him/her to cover all the controls comfortably while adding extra padding. If a rider decides to stay with the manufacturer-provided seat then they can adjust it to be lower, higher, narrower, and wider and have a rider bucket that extends farther rearward or otherwise reshaped.

Foot control-the cyclist should see how their legs feel when on the foot level? Are the legs too stretched out or are the knees cramped while in the riding position? The wrong position of the foot control can put a strain on the body and just by repositioning the feet on the control can reduce muscle tension while riding. This will take the pressure off of the tail bone which can reduce fatigue.

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