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All About Best Mitsubishi Outlander Sport SUV

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If I take a layman’s point of view while driving the Mitsubishi outlander, it is surprising to note that I have not driven a car for more than 2 years. The car I used to drive earlier before joining the motor trend was also a Mitsubishi.

Many of our test drivers have driven hundreds of cars but in my case, it is not so. This means that there are no yardsticks for me which might help me to measure the outlander. There are some cars which I have tested which were in the running for the car of the year award.

The problem with the outlander is the low seats which have made it uncomfortable for a person of more than 6 feet height to sit in it. Also, the sports version is smaller by almost one foot. The sports version has a similar wheelbase though. This provides a less than a comfortable experience for the taller persons.

Driving and living with this outlander has SUV not been associated with any kind of niggles, in fact, it will be right if I say that it is easy to drive. The height of the car makes it easy for sliding inside and getting down from the car.

Once a person is inside the car the premium nature of the car comes to the fore. Both the dashboards, as well as the doors are covered with a textured surface that mimics leather and can be cleaned easily. The best thing to do is to rub with a damp cloth and the cleaning is over.

The sport SE AWC is loaded with features and there are quite a few options available for the customer. I like the glass roof with a panoramic view with LED illumination, the stereo is powerful with 710 watts of sound.

Also, the rearview camera is present and the amazing infotainment system allows you to play all kinds of CDs with ease. Every person can get all kinds of information through the touch screen and the GPS enabled navigation system.

Coming to the boot space, there is a good cargo area which is large when the back seats are folded. I even made sure that my bicycle came into. This makes it one of the best cars for daily, as well as practical use.

The only issue I have is with the 2.0-liter engine which provides 148 horsepower but seems to lack power. While entering any freeway I became nervous while speeding up. More power in the engine would have made the driving experience truly amazing.

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