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Best Rides the Survival Tests of Time at Motorcycle

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Many motorcycle companies have been around for over a century, during which time it has faced many threats to its existence. Although it had a strong base in its home market for motorcycles and accessories, the threat of the dominant Japanese manufacturers brought it to the edge of extinction.

A management buyout and leverage of the company in the last year were all that saved it. Very few people sell by Many motorcycle companies, as many consider it more than a mere motorcycle and there is a cult following all over the world. The distinct roar of Many motorcycle companies engines and the punchy styling that go with them do give it a distinct identity in the two-wheeler world.

As motorbikes go, the company can claim to be on a par with Rolls Royce of the car world in terms of stature and popularity. As with many bespoke car companies, Many motorcycle companies sellers found it hard to keep up with demand. In the mid of year annual production was a little over 100,000 per annum and left many disappointed would-be owners at the back of a long waiting list or seeking other makes to buy.

Many motorcycle company’s motorcycles fell into a traditional type of styling until quite recently. They have now set a firm marketing policy into operation and designed a model specifically at the European market.

It appears this has been a matter of survival strategy once more as the home-based manufacturer faces added pressures regarding exchange rate trends and the need to build its export sales and therefore spread the risk of relying too heavily on US sales.

It is hardly conceivable that the Many motorcycle company would ever go into receivership; however strong the brand name is though, it has to be on its guard, particularly in these turbulent times.

Many previously strong brand names in the transport manufacturing world have gone to a watery grave by relying too much on past reputation and burying their heads in the sand. The British bike market has all but been decimated and many other European and American bike manufacturers have had to considerably down-size in the light of competition.

Manufacturing in the early part of this century has been up-sized to over 200,000 machines per year. The problem now is in ensuring the balance of supply and that of demand are in synch: hence the move to Europe. It goes without saying that at some point the Many motorcycle companies board has to consider whether it can remain competitive having all its resources in its home country.

Sound management, ingenious marketing, and a good strategy are critical. Let us hope this renowned masterpiece of biking history roars on for at least another century-whatever models roll off the production line by then. Presumably, they will still have two wheels and hopefully that distinctive sound, the rest is left to the imagination.

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